Pastel Twist Dinner Candle

Color - Seascape

We spent months sourcing candles for our shop that were both beautiful and sustainably made with natural ingredients... Because while we love a funky candle, being planet-friendly is a must. These paraffin-free dinner candles, made of a beeswax and soy blend, passed the test and then some! They're stunning whether you burn them or not.

  • Sold individually, choose peach, seascape, or lilac.
  • By Allumee
  • Unscented
  • Handmade in UK
  • 80% beeswax/20% soy
  • 100% Natural and biodegradable
  • 4-5 hr burn time per candle
  • Approximately 7.5" tall

From the brand: With sustainability and eco-consciousness at the heart of what we do, we didn’t want to create just any candle! So we spent time researching and discovering how our very own collection of candles could truly fit within the core values of Allumee. After exploring a range of alternative waxes, our findings led us to create a candle collection made from a pure beeswax and soy wax blend. The waxes natural components also mean that they’re 100 percent biodegradable! An additional reason we use a blend ratio of 80% beeswax and 20% soy wax is because whilst beeswax ensures a strong minimal drip candle with a good burn time, adding a blend of soy wax gives the candle a creamy and buttery finish / texture which helps to elevate the aesthetic of these beautiful pastel shades.